Mark Southard

Celebrate your wins

I’m a huge fan of Mike Boyd. Mike has a YouTube channel where he documents himself learning new skills. Not only is Mike a great learner, he’s a fantastic storyteller. In each video, you get to see the struggles and successes that Mike has in the process of learning something new. What I love most about Mike’s videos are his celebrations. Mike sets a goal to mark his mastery of skill. Upon reaching that goal, he’ll have a silly, over-the-top celebration.

From Mike’s videos, I’ve learned the importance of celebrating your wins. I’ve been celebrating accomplishments both large and small. When I ran four miles for the first time, I had my first Mike Boyd-esque celebration. Fist pumps. Yells. Jumps of jubilation. I did it all. And that celebration felt amazing. So I started celebrating accomplishments in all facets of my life. Make a blog post. Celebrate. Have an engagement on social media. Celebrate. Hell, the other morning, I celebrated for celebrating. I don’t think that any accomplishment is too small to celebrate. Each one of those celebrations made it easier to press on

I’ve found that celebrating each and every win makes it easier to get the next win. I am able to create for myself a positive feedback loop where I have all the control. I’m searching for more to do so that I can celebrate. I’m getting more things done because I want to celebrate, and getting more and more tasks accomplished a great place to be.

Celebrate your wins.

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