Mark Southard


Read about the experiences of a full-stack developer trying to succeed at blogging and building a successful side project.

Running your first a11y audit

New to accessibility? Learn about the easiest accessibility audit you can perform.

Celebrate your wins

Far too often, we don't celebrate personal wins. Give yourself permission to celebrate your wins regardless of how big or small they might be.

The unjust power of just

The word just has too much power. Power that can diminish the amount of effort that goes into an activity.

Show up every day

Achieving success is easy. All you have to do is show up every day for two years.

Getting out of building in a vacuum

With an overabundance of creative energy, I've been working on Moonlighter Delighter a lot more recently. But, I've still been failing to set myself up for success.

Deferred Images for Faster Load times

How I use a very basic technique to boost page speed, reduce bounce rates and potentially improve search result rankings.

Hello World

Introducing my new blog for 2019. I've got big plans for this blog, and 2019 in general. Read on to see what I've got planned for the coming year.